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Hair by Hope Russo

Hairstylist and Studio Owner

I offer haircuts, hair coloring, and hairstyles for the whole family with a philosophy of accessible and grace-based service. My business is located at a cozy, private studio inside SOLA SALONS in Spanish Fort, Alabama.



Hair by Hope Russo is a non-upselling, non-tipping salon with a policy of price transparency.

My prices reflect product and labor costs. You will never be asked to pay extra for treatments, protective ingredients/bond builders, additional product usage for long or thick hair, or for access to the latest technology in hair care. The best of everything I have to offer comes standard. 

All prices will be adjusted to the nearest 10-minute increment. The client is expected to pay the less-expensive of the quoted and final time-adjusted price at the end of their service.

For example, if you are quoted $56 for a Classic Haircut but your service only takes 35 minutes, then your final price will be lowered to $42. Your final price will never be raised.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by text or email for more information.

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Complimentary Adjustment (30+ Minutes)


All Hair by Hope Russo services* come with a 14-day complimentary adjustment policy.

*Texture services, including permanent waves and keratin smoothing services, come with a 14-week complimentary adjustment policy. 

Black Hair and Bangs

Blitz Haircut (10-15 Minutes)


These haircuts are usually bang or neck trims, very young children's haircuts, or dry dustings for long hair.

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Express Haircut (20-35 Minutes)


These haircuts usually involve hair clippers, dry trims, or children's haircuts and take about 20 minutes.

Hair Cut

Classic Haircut (40-55 Minutes)


These haircuts involve a shampoo and style and take 30-45 minutes.

Hair Salon

Deluxe Haircut (60-85 Minutes)


This haircut takes approximately one hour and involves:

  • Shampoo and L'anza Ultimate Treatment

  • Clear Shine Gloss

  • Precision Cut

  • Blow Dry Style

  • Iron Style (as requested)

Hair Wash

Luxury Haircut (90+ Minutes)


This is the high-end of haircut services and takes approximately 1.5 hours. Included in this service:

  • Shampoo and L'anza Ultimate Treatment

  • Clear Shine Gloss

  • L'anza Emergency Service and/or Trauma Treatment Service

  • Precision Cut

  • Blow Dry Style

  • Iron Style (as requested)

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Hair Consultation + Prep (75+ minutes)


*1/2 of this price will count as a deposit toward your future service.

This is a consultation appointment to discuss a desired service appointment and perform any necessary preparatory treatments on the hair. 

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Express Color (50-85 Minutes)


This service includes a single root color OR a single maintenance toner.

Your appointment will take approximately 1.25 hours and includes - at no additional cost - Olaplex color additive, customized hair treatment, clear gloss, haircut, and style. 

Hair Dying

Complex Color (90+ Minutes)


Complex colors may involve:

  • highlights

  • lowlights

  • balayage

  • vibrant color

  • multiple colors

  • multiple processes

These services typically take longer than 1.5 hours. A firm price quote will be given before the service is performed, as prices vary widely depending on necessary product and labor usage.

This service includes - at no additional cost - Olaplex color additive, customized hair treatment, gloss, haircut, and style.

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Permanent Wave Texture Service (120+ Minutes)


This is a cold-wave perm, wrapped to achieve your desired effect. This process takes approximately two hours and includes a complimentary treatment and haircut.

Beautiful woman before and after Hairstyle. Funny portrait with pout face and happy face.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment (180+ minutes)


Using Keratin Complex products, this service smooths frizz without destroying curl.
This service takes approximately 3 hours, lasts for four to six months on average, and requires a 72-hour no-shampoo period immediately after application.

Friends with Devices

Reserve A Day


Guarantee that you are my only clients for the day. Pay for 8 hours, receive 9! Great for large families/friend groups seeking multiple color or texture services.   Includes 9 total hours of work on any individual or group in one 24-hour period. Any menu service is available as long as it fits into the scheduled 9-hour window. 
*Note: Do not attempt to book desired services in addition to this Reserve A Day slot--I will contact you at your time of booking to finalize the details.

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What is Grace-based Service?

In 2018, I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition. This illness was invisible to everyone (and even to me, for a long stretch of time). I was suffering and no one knew to give me grace--not even me.

Since my diagnosis, I had worked hard to try to fit my Spoonie self into an Able world. This led to financial success, but also a lot of exhaustion, tears, and unfolded laundry. In 2021, I decided that I would instead work to make my little part of the world less centered on the able experience.

Grace-based Service is that attempt. It is a three-part commitment to see my clients as individuals with unique preferences, who deserve a relaxing salon experience regardless of needs or abilities.

Grace-based service includes:

Flexible Scheduling:

  1. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment without notice. There will be no fees, and there will be no awkwardness.

  2. You may request an appointment outside of standard business hours (if you work overnights or odd hours, then you may not be available during the average workday).

  3. You may redesign your service to meet your current needs--even at the time of your appointment. If you are unable to sit for a color, we can simply do a haircut. If you can sit for neither and you just need the caring touch of an extended scalp massage, then that's fine too. This is your time; we will use it however you need to use it.

Cheerful Accommodation

  1. I am able to provide mobility assistance in the event that you need it.

  2. We can take breaks throughout your appointment as you desire.

  3. I am happy to work through any sensory concerns you may have prior to or during your appointment.


  1. I strive to center your lived experience during your appointment. That is how you should have always been treated, and that is my commitment to you.

  2. I strive to serve your unique needs, whatever they may be. Nothing legal is too weird for me; my mind is a judgment-free zone.

  3. I strive to meet your standards. You will not need to work to conform to any societal standard while you are in my chair. This is your time to be centered and cared for. Please enjoy the experience.


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