Image by Shari Sirotnak

About Me

I've seen hair as a key means of self-expression since I was a teenager, slathering on box dye in my mother’s bathroom (and, yes, staining her countertops as a result).

I got a business degree in and tried my hand at “regular” work, but my hands itched to be involved in what I did for a living. In 2014, I became a hairstylist and I finally found my place both in business and in life. Cosmetology provides me with a way to bring creativity into my job, while allowing me to grow a business and take care of my family. Doggy daycare can get expensive, after all.

Confession: I’m a giant nerd. I read avidly and am a member of two professional development forums for hairstylists because I hate to be the last person to know anything. Because of this, I have a solid grip on all of the elements that help my clients have a phenomenal salon visit.

I've been in the industry since 2014 and independent since 2017. While my fundamentals are stable, my style is experimental and always evolving with the goal that every service is better than the last. I strive to give every client grace-based service, so they leave feeling confident and encouraged.

I am proud to work at Changes Hair Studio in Daphne, Alabama. This team of stylists is authentic, talented, and collaborative, and I am enriched by sharing space with them.

To book an appointment with me, please call 1-251-626-4626.