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Studio Policies

In an effort to make your client experience more seamless, I am making my business policies transparent to you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns--your satisfaction is my priority as a small business owner.


The Studio maintains multiple communication channels which it uses to connect with clients. Clients are encouraged to engage with these communication channels as they desire. These channels are:




Online Booking via Square:

SMS updates via Square: 1 844-265-2788

Phone: 1 251-622-0603

Text Messaging: 1 251-622-0603

Visiting the Physical Studio Itself:


10200 Eastern Shore BLVD STE 300

Spanish Fort, ALABAMA 36527

Clients may request contact from The Studio several ways. By order of The Studio’s preference, these are:

Instagram DM or Facebook Message: @hairbyhoperusso

Replying to/Sending a message via Square Notifications Text Message

Text/SMS: 1 251-622-0603


24-hour Answering Service: 1 251-622-0603

Physically visiting the studio during business hours. Please do not send mail to the studio for any reason.

The Studio aims to resolve all contact requests during the hours of Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm or as Hope Russo (the hairstylist) is available.

Please allow 12-hours to resolve DMs or Messages.

Please allow 24-hours to resolve emails.

Please allow 72-hours to resolve calls or texts.


The Studio is a no-tipping, no-upsell environment.

A full price quote will be given to the client before their service begins. The client will never pay more than the quoted amount for their service (although the client may add retail items as they desire and will be responsible for the added price of those items).

Any client is entitled to any of the bonus offerings available for their booked service for no additional charge or fee.

The Studio maintains a grace-based scheduling policy which protects clients from any cancellation, no-show, or lateness fees.

Clients are encouraged to cancel or reschedule an appointment if they are contagious or will be arriving for their appointment more than 20 minutes late.

Children are welcome in the studio. Children under the age of 13 must not be left unattended. In the event that a child is deemed unable to safely receive a service, Hope reserves the right to discontinue said service. Children under the age of 13 will not receive chemical services in the Hair by Hope Russo Studio except by special permission from Hope Russo, the Hairstylist.

Hope Russo reserves the right to contact the proper authorities to conduct a welfare check on any client--particularly children, the elderly, and the profoundly disabled.

In 2022, all clients who visited the Hair by Hope Russo Studio prior to 1/1/22 will receive an automatic 20% discount on all services.

Hope is fully vaccinated from COVID-19 and is willing to wear a face mask by request, but clients are not required by the studio to be vaccinated or to wear a mask.

During certain Studio business hours (especially on Sundays), the door to SOLA SALONS - the building which houses the studio - may be locked. Please rest assured that Hope is aware and will let you in the building.

GPS tends to send clients to Best Buy in the Eastern Shore Plaza. If this happens to you, please continue in the Plaza until you reach Ashley Homestore. On the left of Ashley Homestore is a building called SOLA SALONS. Inside SOLA SALONS, The Studio is located down the left hall on the left side. A branded sign hangs above the door.


All Haircut/Hair Color services include a complimentary 14-day adjustment.

Haircut and Hair Color services are never eligible for refund.

After the 14-day period ends, non-currency compensatory measures will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All consumable retail products are guaranteed and available for equal exchange or refund until 25% product volume has been consumed.

After 25% product volume has been consumed by the client, non-currency compensatory measures will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All nonconsumable retail products are guaranteed and available for equal exchange or refund until product is no longer in “as new” condition with original packaging.

After a product has been utilized beyond “as new” condition or if the product does not retain its original packaging, non-currency compensatory measures will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All texture services include a complimentary adjustment guarantee for the lifetime of the treatment (as determined by the product manufacturer).

After the lifetime of the treatment (as determined by the product manufacturer ends), non-currency compensatory measures will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

In the unlikely event that a client’s property is damaged during a service (including clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses, cellphones, or other like items), the client must report and relinquish the damaged property before leaving the studio.

If the damage is determined to be the fault of the studio, the client will receive 100% financial compensation for a similar item in similar condition.

Damaged items which were not both reported and relinquished prior to leaving the studio on the day of the service will never be replaced or compensated for by the studio.

In the extremely unlikely event that a client sustains physical damage to their person during a service, the client is responsible for reporting this damage immediately, consenting to documentation including photographs, videos, and voice recordings, and seeking immediate medical attention from a licensed practitioner.

All documentation of the event will then be reported by the hairstylist to the Studio’s liability insurance provider, who will engage with the client to determine what compensation is available to them.

In the event of such an occurrence, it is my professional duty to inform you that the client should also contact the Alabama Board of Cosmetology and Barbering to file a formal complaint and initiate an investigation into the matter.

Hope Russo reserves the right to discontinue the client/stylist relationship with any client for any reason at any time.

Clients will not be treated poorly based on the content of the feedback that they provide.

Additionally, an anonymous feedback form will always be available on the Hair by Hope Russo website.