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Cool Girl Haircuts for Winter 2021

As we enter into our major gathering season, it’s not unusual for us to want to explore ways to look our best. Here are three lived-in, authentic hairstyles to help you bring those “cool girl” vibes to your holiday events.

Look 1: Foxy Framing

One of the key looks this year has been heavy face-framing layers. Styles have prioritized texture and volume that highlights our best facial features, which can really be an evergreen way to make sure you look your best. Below are three options to make this trend work for you:

This heavily-framed style is cut to look effortless and only requires the most basic blowout skills. The way the framing starts at the cheekbone adds softness to the model’s more angular jawline.

This highly-textured framing gives the impression of wake-up-and-go manageability (without much more effort). A super-wide barrel curling iron or styling brush can get you out the door for those weeknight gatherings. Starting the framing at the lip allows you to choose whether you always have facial detail or can hide it in a ponytail.

For the cool girls with bangs, the modern razor shag is a gorgeous, effortless way to let your hair be your feature accessory. Scrunch in some texture cream and air dry for low-effort, high-payoff styling.

Look 2: The Blunt and the Bold

On the other side of the cool-girl spectrum from our texture queens with wispy framing lives the boss-type babe who rocks a sleek, blunt shape. For these looks, dry shampoo, shine cream, and a great flat iron are your best bet for regular styling. Here are some inspiration photos to bring to your hairstylist:

A collarbone blunt cut with barely textured ends is a killer way to rock this look and the styling just doesn’t get any easier. Wrap huge chunks of dry hair around a wand for a few seconds to get a barely-there bend that says “I don’t care about looks, but I’m flawless anyway.”

The chin-length bob is a classic way to wear a blunt line. Round the back of your cut with a 1-inch round brush for a touch of softness and sophistication.

I like to call this look “the fakeout,” because there are actually a ton of texturizing layers in this bob that add to its look of controlled chaos. A mini flat-iron and texture spray are all you need to get that “perfectly undone” look.

Look 3: Menswear Hair

For the ultimate power play, take the androgynous path by co-opting a common men’s cut with hyper-feminine details. Here are some takes on the trend:

The boyish crop cut may feel like an old standby, but a softer bang brings it right to the front of today’s trending looks. Soft razor shaping around the hairline elevates this look from a businessman’s special to a look fit for a spritely woman with delicate features. A light pomade helps sell the menswear angle without adding too much weight to the look; pear with hyper-feminine jewelry to make an impression.

This funked-up take on the mullet is absolutely everywhere on the runway. It takes a lot of moxie to pull this cut off, but the styling is all about texture on texture. Dry texture cream into the style, then add a texture pomade for control over individual details. Finish with a flexible texture spray for dynamic shapes that last.

Most often seen on high school boys and young college guys, this intentionally shaggy style is on-trend for women. Air dry with texture cream and pair with a super-structured wardrobe for best results.

Final Thoughts: Trending vs. Tailored

Some of us require a little more than a list of the latest trends to find our “cool girl” vibe. If you’re not sold on these styles, then you may simply be a client with a more discerning palette.

If that sounds like you, then I’d encourage you to book a Deluxe Haircut appointment with me at Hair by Hope Russo studios located in Spanish Fort, Alabama. In this appointment, we will work together to determine your aesthetic preferences, spotlight-worthy features, and maintenance ability. You’ll leave with a cut that is designed especially for you and will support your style for months to come.

Stay cool,


P.S. for other inspiration, post your style questions in the comments below.

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