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Hair by Hope Russo is Growing!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Hey, friend! I have some exciting news to share with you.

I’m opening my own place on Tuesday, August 10th 2021!

My new address is:

Sola Salon Studios, Studio 13

10200 Eastern Shore BLVD STE 300

Spanish Fort, AL 36527

Here are the changes you can expect from my business, Hair by Hope Russo:

  • Retain your current service pricing through December 31, 2021

  • Generous loyalty program offering both “$ off” and “% off” discounts at tiered point levels

  • Transparent pricing--every service will begin with a firm price quote which will always be your final service price

  • Time-based haircut offerings--find the perfect service for your needs and budget

  • Elevated experiences--never pay extra for treatments, additives, glosses, or styling with any color or chemical service

  • No more double-booking--your appointment time belongs entirely to you (close friends and families are invited to request a staggered booking if it is more convenient)

  • More night and weekend availability

  • Take-home product samples

  • Complimentary home product delivery

  • No-tipping policy--simply pay the rate you are quoted at the start of your service

As you know, I loved my time at Changes Hair Studio. The years I spent at Changes helped me grow as an artist and a businesswoman. That growth prepared me to embrace the opportunity of a lifetime when it leaped into my arms, and I am filled with gratitude as a result. I understand that you may have some connection to Changes Hair Studio beyond my presence, and if our journey together ends here I would like to simply say: thank you. While you will always be welcome in my chair, I would never ask you to sacrifice your principles, relationships, or preferences.

If you are choosing to come with me on this adventure, bright-eyed and full-hearted: Welcome! I am so excited to stretch myself and grow even more as your hairstylist, community member, and friend.

You are invited to book future appointments:


Phone/Text: 1-251-622-0603

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