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Herringbone Highlights: Get The Scoop on This Hair Trend

One of the few good things that came out of Covid's lockdown was an increase in self-acceptance. Finally able to pause our busy routines, we realized some of our self-maintenance seemed a little fussy or even outdated. Many of my clients chose to incorporate more of their natural hair color--including gray-- into their everyday looks. One of the dozen gray-blending techniques I use to perform these transitions is the trendy "Herringbone Highlight."

Where You've Seen The Look

Herringbone Highlights became trendy this spring. Beauty blogs rushed to announce that stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston embraced their grays via this method. In fact, as Generation X and Millenials begin to reach and pass middle age, there seems to be a generational rejection of traditional anti-aging beauty norms. Clients inspired to make the transition are visiting the salon in droves seeking this dimensional look.

Why It's A Smart Choice

The dimensional highlighting pattern provided by the Herringbone technique is universal. It works on high blondes, redheads, and even deep brunettes. The point is to exaggerate your natural color variegation to create a look that is authentically you--but better!

Another benefit is lower maintenance. The incorporation of natural tones allows you to go longer and look fresher between appointments. No more reaching for the root powder after two weeks! With a recession looming, the stretching of time between salon appointments is definitely appealing. Across the beauty industry, the reports are clear: fussy gray-coverage is out, and organic gray-blending is in.

How to Ask Your Stylist

What's great about the Herringbone Highlighting technique is that it's just one of an infinite number of tools in a colorist's arsenal. I always recommend telling your stylist what inspired you. We have usually seen the same media! If you want to be super prepared, bring in one photo you love and two or three you hate. Sometimes, what you hate can actually clarify more about what you want! After that, it's usually best to trust the process--after making sure your stylist has a generous adjustment policy, that is.

Are you ready to try this modern, gray-blending look? Book your custom color today at Hair by Hope Russo, a private suite located in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

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