• Hope Russo

Price Increase Details

Whew! Is it really the end of 2021 already?!

It seems like just yesterday that I opened the doors to the Hair by Hope Russo Studio and welcomed both new and loyal clients into my chair.

Truthfully, since I opened these doors in August my business has boomed (and I have you to thank)! In fact, I am currently so booked for the holidays that I am enacting my price increase for new clients early on December 6, 2021. The new prices are available on the website.

This will not affect anyone who has booked an appointment at the studio prior to December 6, 2021. In fact, as a Cornerstone Client, any client who has visited the HBHR Studio or booked an appointment prior to December 6th will receive a 20% Discount on the new prices for the entirety of 2022 as a gift of appreciation.

And I mean that: thank you. This business is a dream for me and I have never been happier in my professional life than I am today. I have each and every client to thank for that blessing, and you'd better believe that I know it!

I look forward to watching what 2022 will bring us!

Love and Light,


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